13 00 020 - Adaptive initial control - check < 13 - Fuel System < BMW 728 - 745i
From model '83

Testing Requirements:
Engine oxygen sensor and catalytic converter
have operating temperature.
Oxygen sensor is heated electrically.
Unscrew screws (1).
Mount exhaust tester 13 0 090 on exhaust
manifold with adapter 13 0 100.
Connect BMW service test unit.

1300010 - click to zoom
Remove anti-tamper lock.
Remove air cleaner with air flow sensor.
Drill hole in anti-tamper lock with Special Tool
13 1 092.

1300012 - click to zoom
Screw Special Tool 13 1 094 in anti-tamper
Knock special tool with anti-tamper lock out
of air flow sensor with impact (1).
Install air cleaner with air flow sensor.
Run engine at idle speed.

1300013 - click to zoom
Pull off and plug vacuum hose on fuel pressure
Oxygen sensor must regulate the CO level back
to nominal value* after a brief rise.
Oxygen sensor is okay.

* See nominal value microfiche

1300016 - click to zoom
Tighten air control screw in air flow sensor
completely with Special Tool 13 1 100 -
richer mixture.
Run engine at idle speed - CO level will be
regulated back to nominal value*.

* See nominal value microfiche

1300011 - click to zoom
Disconnect oxygen sensor plug.
CO level rises to approx. 2.0% by volume.
Note instantaneous actual value.
Stop engine.
Disconnect battery ground lead briefly.
This will cancel the value stored in memory of
DME control unit.

1300015 - click to zoom
Start engine.
If actual CO level value is considerably higher,
adaptive pilot control is working.
Connect vacuum hose again.
Adjust CO level to nominal value* with Special
Tool 13 1 100.
Connect oxygen sensor.
Remove exhaust tester.

* See nominal value microfiche

1300011 - click to zoom
Remove and install air cleaner with air flow
Insert new anti-tamper lock (1) in air flow

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