33 14 520 - Complete locking differential, replacing < 33 - Rear Axle < BMW 728 - 745i
From model '83
Remove and install final drive 33 10 010.
Drain oil.
Mount final drive on Special Tool 33 1 010.
Add oil - oil volume*.
Refer to Service Information of Group 00 for
approved oil.

Siehe auch 33 10 010
Siehe auch * See Specifications
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Determine total friction torque with Special
Tool 00 2 000 before disassembling, and note
For example:
280 Ncm (24 in. Ibs.)

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Unscrew transmission cover.
Replace gasket.
Tightening torque*.

Siehe auch * See Specifications
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Pry off both drive flanges with a tire iron.

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Before installation of the drive flange, place
round wire snap ring (1) in groove of
differential case that both ends are recessed
in groove.
This prevents lateral bending of the ring.
Push in and turn drive flange slightly by hand
until round wire snap ring is head to engage.
Replace stretched snap rings.

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Detach both bearings caps.
Mark bearings caps - don't mix them up.
Tightening torque*.

Siehe auch * See Specifications
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Differential case bearings and backlash are
adjusted with shims (1).
Check O-Ring (2), replacing if necessary.
A change in total thickness of shims (1) will
change the friction torque value.
After adjusting the friction torque, the backlash
and tooth contact pattern must be adjusted

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Remove complete limited slip differential.
Don´t bend pulse spider.

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Press off pulse spider.
Press on pulse spider with Special Tool
33 1 358.

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Detach ring gear (cold).
Clean threads thoroughly (with a tapper).
Heat ring gear to max. 100° C (212° F),
checking temperature with a thermocolor

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Mount ring gear with 2 locally made staybolts
as guides.
Install new bolts with Loctite No. 270 and
tighten in order of 1 through 10.
Tightening torque*.
Tighten bolts to torque angle*.

Siehe auch * See Specifications
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Install new limited slip differential with ring
gear and pulse spider.
Press in new bearing outer races with Special
Tool 33 1 365.

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Tighten bearing cap bolts uniformly.
Measure total friction torque with Special
Tool 00 2 000.
The value found before disassembling plus 20
Ncm (1.7 in. IBS) for each replaced shaft seal
should be reached, but not exceeded.
Friction torque too high = use thinner shims.
Friction torque too low = use thicker shims.

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Mount Special Tool 00 2 500 and measure
The tooth contact pattern is always important
for a perfectly adjusted pinion/ring gear set.

Siehe auch * See Specifications
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To check the tooth contact pattern, coat ring
gear with printer's ink, turn gear ring in both
directions several times and stop suddenly
with a piece of hard wood.

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To correct backlash* and tooth contact
pattern, exchanges shims (1) from one side to
the other.
Don´t change total thickness of shims.

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Remove and install complete differential
33 13 010.
Detach ring gear on differential case (cold).
Clean bolt threads.
Heat ring gear to max. 100° C (212° F).
Install new bolts with Loctite*.
Tightening torque*.
Tighten bolts in order of 1 through 10.
Tighten bolts to torque angle*.

Siehe auch * See Specifications
Siehe auch 33 10 010
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Press off tapered roller bearings with special
tool 33 1 300.

Press on tapered roller bearings cold.
Replace defective tapered roller bearings.
Further procedures are identical with throes for
replacing complete limited slip differential, see
33 13 011.

Siehe auch 33 13 612
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