33 14 593 - Locking differential, disassembling and assembling < 33 - Rear Axle < BMW 728 - 745i
From model '83
Unscrew case cover mounting bolts.
Take off case cover.

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Turn case upside down and let parts slide out.
Installed Order:
1 Case cover
2 Thrust washer
3 Diaphragm spring
4 Stepped washer
5 Spacer
6 Diaphragm spring
7 Outer plate
8 Inner plate
9 Thrust ring
10 Differential side gear
11 Differential gears with differential shafts
12 Differential case

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Check all parts for wear, e. g. molybdenum
coat, splines, etc.
Lubricate all parts with approved final drive
oil before assembling.

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Install following parts in correct installed
order to measure the pre-load.
Spacer (5), outer plates (7), inner plates (8),
thrust rings (9), differential side gears (10) and
differential distance A from case edge to outer
plate, for example:
A = 19.5 mm (0.768").

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Measure distance B on cover, for example:
B = 14.4 mm (0.567").

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Place both diaphragm spring curved surface
Measure distance C on diaphragm springs, for
C = 4.8 mm (0.189").

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An installed clearance of 0.1 to 0.4 mm
(0.004 to 0.016") is required to prevent
pressing the diaphragm springs flat.
B (cower) 14.4 mm (0.567")
C (diaphragm springs) 4.8 mm (0.189")
A (case) 19.5 mm (0.768")
Sum of B + C 19.2 mm (0.756")
Installed clearance D 0.3 mm (0.012")
Correct any deviation in installed clearance
D by installing outer plates of pertinent

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Remove all parts from case and insert with the
additional parts, thrust washers (2), diaphragm
springs (3) and stepped washers (4).
Mount and press on case core (12) firmly
(don't bolt).
The pre-load of small diaphragm springs (3)
should produce an uniform gap all around
(check with feeler gauge blade).
If there is no clearance between cover and case,
check diaphragm springs (3), thrust washers (2)
and stepped washers (4).

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Installed Order:
Thrust washer (2) with oil pockets facing case
Diaphragm spring (3) with inside curved surface
facing differential shaft (up).
Stepped washer (4) with smooth side facing
diaphragm spring (down) and tab engaging
in guide in case.

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Install spacer (5), diaphragm spring (6) with
inside curved surface facing differential shaft
and outer plate (7) with 4 tabs.
Install molybdenum coated inner plate (8).

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Install thrust ring (9) and differential side gear
(10) by turning in guides or spline of inner
Install differential gears with shafts (11),
second differential side gear (10) and thrust
ring (9).

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Install molybdenum coated inner plate (8) and
outer plate (7).
Insert diaphragm spring (6) with inside curved
surface facing differential shaft (down).

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Insert thrust washer (2) with oil pockets facing
cover, diaphragm spring (3) with inside curved
surface facing out and stepped washer (4) with
smooth side facing diaphragm spring and with
tab in case cover groove in case with grease.

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Mount case cover with washers (don't let
stepped washer slide out of groove).
Install bolts with Loctite No. 270 and tighten
cover uniformly.
Tightening torque*.

Siehe auch * See Specifications
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Check slip torque* of differential lock by
holding one and driving other differential side
Make up tool locally for this purpose by, for
example, welding a nut on a drive flange which
is no longer required.

Siehe auch * See Specifications
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