34 50 000 - ABS - general information on repairs < 34 - Brakes < BMW 728 - 745i
From model '83

Basically the ABS does not require servicing,
however the following must be observed when
working on cars with ABS.

a) Remove plugs from the electronic control
unit and turn off ignition when welding
with an electric welder.

b) When painting the electronic control unit
can be subjected to max. 95° C (203° F )
briefly and to max. 85° C (185° F) for
a longer period (about 2 hours.)

c) If the battery had been removed, the battery
terminals must be tightened on the end poles
perfectly after reinstallation of the battery.

d) After replacement of the hydraulic unit, the
control unit, the speed sensors or the wire
harness as well as after performance of jobs
which were in contact with ABS equipment
(e. g. repair of accident damage), the entire
antilock system has to be checked with the
BMW service test unit. It is important that
brake lines be routed correctly.

d) After each job on the brake system, the
brakes must be bled and high/low pressure
tests carried out. Check all connection
points for leaks.