From model '83
Remove and install output shaft 33 21 000.
Remove sealing cover (1).
Remove circlip (2).
Unscrew clamp on dust cover.
Take off dust cover.
Press off cover (3).

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Press output shaft out of constant velocity

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Bearing inner race must be on counterpressure
plate (P).
Do not disassemble joint.
Check joint for dirt or damage.

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Place dust cover and inside cover on output
Joint must be installed with collar on inner race
facing output shaft.
Use repair kit.

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Clean threads of joint to remove grease.
Coat threads with Loctite No. 270.
Keep Loctite out of ball passages.

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Press on joint with cap and install circlip.
If only one side is disassembled, the sealing
cover of the other side has to be removed to
press on the joint.

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Pack joint and dust cover with grease*.
Clean sealing surface for dust cover to remove
Coat large diameter end of dust cover with an
adhesive* and secure with new clamps.
Seal the sealing cover with Curil and install.

Siehe auch * See Specifications
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